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Digital Collection

Botanical Illustrations 临汾多中瑞有限公司

The beauty of botany and the importance of scientific accuracy come together at the Harvard University Herbaria.
Physical Collection

Political Buttons 那曲美信安机械有限公司

Glimpse U.S. history through Harvard's collection of political buttons featuring candidate campaigns, political demonstrations, and social movements.
Physical Collection

The William Ellery Channing Collection 那曲升升欣机械有限公司

Discover the work of the American theologian, author, Unitarian minister, and Harvard graduate
Digital Collection

Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature 岳阳和正佳机械有限公司

A unique repository of Balkan oral traditions.
Physical Collection

Ukraine in the World 沈阳光佳伟有限公司

Explore the history of Ukraine and Ukrainians throughout the world drawing from Harvard's collections in Ukrainian literature, politics, history, and more.

Moche Archive Drawings 东胜光佳伟设备有限公司

Line drawings reproducing iconography found on painted vessels from Peru's North Coast.
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We have a lot going on. Explore a collection up close at an exhibit, sit in on a library workshop, and catch up on what's new.

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